Bowerbird Bazaar, Recap

We spent last weekend manning the two halves stall at Bowerbird Bazaar, it was a great weekend, we sold some product and found some more retailers, but the biggest plus was spending time with all the enthusiastic folk down there. The most fond recollection is of the strong sense of community among all the participants and patrons alike.

My photos tend to made it seem quieter than it really was, but that's just due to the fact that when the Bazaar was busy, so was I.

We offered Giant Jack & Jills for the first time and the reception was positive enough that we'll certainly be doing a bigger batch very soon

Our installation feature the Wall, it really seemed to grab peoples attention as they would often walk straight past the Plank without noticing it, only to go back and pat the cord with affection.

We brought along our workshop stool, seems like this will need to be produced too.

This little red board earned more than it's fair share of attention too, it is just the way we coat our screws but after all the interest in it we are going to have to develop something around the concept!

A huge thanks to the organisers, and all those participants and patrons who came along and made it a success. We're already looking forward to the next one.

Bowerbird Bazaar